Our clients face complex issues where solutions come from working across silos, cultures or other boundaries. They need to collaborate across often difficult relationships but don’t know how. There is a gap between their need to work better together and their ability to overcome the typical roadblocks of collaboration.

In these situations we help collaborators find solutions with frameworks, tools and skills to apply. We support leaders, managers and project teams to build their skills to work across silos, to better integrate the work and create more seamless, joined up, smarter results.


When you’re facing a tangled mess of problems and you simply don’t know where to start ...


When you don’t have all the answers and need to work with others to tackle the tangle … and find smart solutions together


When you’ve learned new skills through working together and getting results ... you can continue to tackle your tricky problems in this new way

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Book store

Would you like to know more about how to co-create solutions to your complex problems while building your ‘collaborative muscle’? Read On.

The Power of Co: The Smart Leaders' Guide to Collaborative Governance

The Power of Co provides real evidence of the benefits of collaboration as well as a theoretical framework on which to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to collaborate more often and more effectively to address dilemmas and find solutions that stick.

Beyond Public Meetings; Connecting Community Engagement with Decision-Making

This book is the essential guide to the fundamentals of community engagement and tells you:

  • How engaged communities can help make better decisions
  • How to go beyond the public meeting by focusing on desired outcomes rather than tired techniques
  • How to engage communities in a positive and productive way
  • What successful community engagement really feels like.

Meet the team

Twyfords team consists of a qualified metallurgist (John), a qualified social scientist and communicator (Vivien) and a qualified journalist and ecologist (Stuart). We have worked as a team since 2004 learning from our clients, our colleagues and each other about what's needed by individuals, teams and organisations to build collaborative capability.

Vivien Twyford

Vivien’s energy and enthusiasm for supporting people, teams and organisations is infectious. She enjoys developing robust relationships with client organisations and bringing her skills and experience to every project, every workshop and every coaching session.

Vivien's Bio

Stuart Waters

Stuart is fascinated by complex systems and the particular challenge and opportunity they pose for organisations everywhere. As a coach, guide and co-learner, Stuart enjoys supporting teams and individuals to bring a new way of thinking and behaving to their work.

Stuart's Bio

John Dengate

John’s engineering background ensures a strong connection to the scientific, technical and engineering teams tackling ever increasing complexity. He combines this connection with insights into the social and cultural drivers of working effectively together to deliver a unique and valued coaching style.

John's Bio